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Our Hair
Aside from customer service, the quality of our hair is the most important thing to us. Without good quality hair, the overall look will fail to impress if it looks drab and dry.

Our hair is 100% human remy hair. You can be sure that we will never compromise on the quality of the hair we use, and you will be blown away with how silky and soft the hair is.

Once fitted, you will be able to treat the hair as you would your own. It looks incredible straight, and also holds beautiful curls, making it very versatile and allowing you to style it in many different and exciting ways.


Full Head or Half Head

16 Jul 2014 Posted by heknew in Advice, Hair Extensions

shutterstock_94446064Whether or not to go for a full head of hair extensions is a decision that many first timers struggle with, as it is often not explained the difference between the two, and the impact this will have on the over all look of your hair extensions.

Here we shall discuss the main differences to help you to make the right decision when choosing your hair extensions.

Amount of hair

The main difference between a full head and a half head is of course the amount of hair that is fitted. With a full head of hair extensions you would be looking at having between 150- 180 individual hair extensions fitted, whereas for a half head it is more likely to be between 50-100 hair extensions. This will mean that a full head of hair extensions will have a thicker overall appearance, simply due to the sheer amount of hair fitted.


When a full head of hair extensions are fitted, row upon row of hair extensions are placed around the scalp to ensure the maximum amount of hair and coverage is achieved for a beautiful full head of hair extensions. With a half head the same process is used, however a gap is left between every row. This will mean that for both a full head and a half head the hair extensions will cover the same area of the head, the only difference being there are gaps between the sections for the half head.

When would a full head or half head be needed?

There are a variety of difference reasons as to why an individual would be looking to enhance their appearance with hair extensions, as are there many variations to how a customer would like the hair extensions to look and feel overall, and it is these variations that will make you suitable for either a full of half head.

Full head

A full head is suitable if you are looking to add volume and thickness, if your existing hair cut is quite short, or if you have naturally thick hair. For the majority of customer hair types and overall look they are wanting to achieve a full head is the most suitable option.

Half head

A half head would only be suitable or required if you are looking to add volume only, and are not looking to increase the length of your hair. In addition to this if you have a particularly small head, or if your hair is unusually thin, then a half head may be more suitable than a full head.

To book in for your set of hair extensions in either a full or half head, call us on 01227 656506 to book your free consultation, or drop us an email here.

Shedding – Should I be worried?

24 Jun 2014 Posted by heknew in Advice, Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, the number 1 concern for anyone looking to have them is that they will damage their natural hair, however this is not the case and should not be something to worry about.

Hair extensions that have been fitted professionally will not damage your natural hair, and in fact can promote healthy practices such as straightening less that can improve the quality of the natural hair growning underneath.

Despite this however, many still worry that hair extensions have caused some damage due to hair shedding that occurs during removal, and we are here to explain why this should not be a worry, and that it is in fact 100% normal.

The facts

On average, a person will loose around 50-100 hair per day through the natural hair cycle.  Here we have an illustration of the stages of each hairs cycle from when a hair first grows, to when it is naturally shed to allow a new hair to pass through.

liver pancreas nl

When you are wearing any form of hair extensions, the hairs that naturally shed are not able to come out in your hairbrush, or wash away down the plug as they usually would without you noticing, as they are secured in place by your hair extension bond.  This means that over the 4 months you are wearing your hair extensions, around 12,000 hairs naturally shed out, but the majority lay trapped within the hair extension bond.


When the time eventually comes to remove your hair extensions, as each bond is removed the hair trapped inside will come loose.

You only have to think about your hair brush at home to realise how much hair you actually do loose on a daily basis, therefore seeing this hair during the removal process should not cause you any alarm what so ever, and is completely NORMAL.

Shedding from your hair extensions is a natural process, one which will be experienced by any individual having hair extensions fitted for long periods of time, however despite the fact that it is normal you should always seek to have a professional fit and removal your hair extensions, such as the technicians at Hair Extensions Kent.  This will ensure that the job is done correctly, and that your hair extension are fitted as they should be in a safe and professional manner.

Holiday hair – How to care for your hair extensions when on holiday

21 May 2014 Posted by heknew in Advice, Aftercare, Hair Extensions

beach hairWith summer just around the corner, it is the perfect time to discuss holiday hair, and the best practises for looking after your hair extensions when you are away.

Generally speaking, during the summer months many of us jet off in search of 1-2 weeks worth of solid sunshine, planning on spending most days lounging around the pool, visiting the beach, or exploring the country.  Holidays are a time to let our hair down and relax, however it is important to remember that whilst relaxation is good for the mind, it is not good for your hair, and you should not be relaxing on your aftercare routine.  If anything, there are a few extra elements you will need to take into consideration when you are away, and here we will go through our top tips to help you out.

Tip 1 – Try to keep you hair out of the sun. The strong UVA and UVB rays can cause hair extensions to become dry if they are exposed for long periods of time, therefore cover your hair with a hat or scarf to keep your lovely locks protected and out of the sun.

Tip 2 – Avoid the pool and sea water High levels of chlorine can cause hair extensions to become tired and dry, as can excessive amounts of sea water, therefore when swimming in either, secure your hair in a braid so that it can stay out of the water

Tip 3 – If your hair does come into contact with either of the above, ensure that you do not let your hair dry before you brush it.  As soon as you are out of the water, untie your braid and brush your hair through.  Leaving your hair to dry wet without brushing first can cause your hair to tangle.

Tip 4 – Use hair oils If your hair does begin to feel dry at all, a hair oil will sort your hair out in a second.  Invest in an oil such as argan or avocado which are high in moisturising properties to bring your hair back to life.

Tip 5 – Book in for maintenance Now that you are back from your trip away, book in with your hair extension technician for a once over to give your hair a quick trim and tidy up.

Fading Quick – Helen’s Red hair

12 Feb 2014 Posted by heknew in Blonde, Celebrity, Damaged Hair, Dip Dye, Hair Care, Hair Colour, Hair Dye, Hair Extensions, Hair Styles, Pink, Red

fading-quickHaving recently undergone an image overhaul from blonde bombshell to fiery red head, stepping out this week it would appear that Helen’s new look is already a thing of the past, and not by choice.

Having chosen to make a huge lead from peroxide blonde to bright red, Helen’s new colour has quickly faded to an unusual shade of pink.  This is made even more apparent by her use of hair extensions, with her natural hair fading at a significantly faster rate than the ends of her hair extensions.

Fortunately for Helen, this seasons dip dye trend will work in her favour if she does try to pass this off as intentional, however we see a trip to the salon in the near future for her to get this rectified and back to a more vibrant colour.

What do you think of Helens red/pink hair extensions?

Get the look: Khloe Kardashian

31 Jan 2014 Posted by heknew in Blonde, Brunette, Celebrity, Curly, Dip Dye, Hair Colour, Hair Dye, Hair Extensions, Long Hair, Ombre

khloeThe Kardashian clan are known for their many business ventures, and with the launch of their new sunglasses range and a children’s range in the pipe line it doesn’t look like they are set to stop any time soon.

All 3 sisters will be endorsing the range which starts from around £150 a pair, however it wasn’t the sunglasses that caught our eye in newly released images of the collection, but instead it was Khloe’s gorgeous hair.

Wearing a pair of their own blue lenses, Khloe wore her long hair down in loose curls, around 18-20” in length.

Khloe currently has her hair coloured using the ombre technique, the method of a gradual transition in colour, usually from dark roots to light ends.

Ombre has been a very popular look over the last 12 months, which is set to continue into 2014, and it is a surprisingly harmless way of colouring your hair…when done right.

The great thing about ombre, is you can actually achieve this look without having to colour your own hair, and instead apply ombre hair extensions to achieve the look.  This means those of us with dark hair can now easily lighten and soften our look, without the dreaded fear of ruining our hair.

What do you think of Khloes ombre hair? Is this a look you would consider trying?

Get the look: Michelle Keegan

23 Jan 2014 Posted by heknew in Brunette, Celebrity, Curly, Hair Colour, Hair Extensions, National Television Awards

article-2544281-1AE2801800000578-366_306x874For all soap fans out there, last night was a big night on the TV calender, as it was of course the National Television Awards.  One of the highlights of the evening is that all of our favourite stars put on their best gowns, contact their favourite hair and make-up artist to wow and compete with the other stars.

Last nights event was no exception, with stars descending on the O2 in their most glamorous attire, and the one that stood out amongst the rest was of course the gorgeous Michelle Keegan.  Wearing a floor length mint green gown with her trademark locks in loose curls, Michelle looked stunning.

You too can achieve this hair through the use of 100% human hair extensions.  Michelle’s hair is around 18″-20″ in length, with a mix of dark and natural brown shades.

Jessie J Hair History

10 Jan 2014 Posted by heknew in Bangs, Blonde, Blue, Brunette, Celebrity, Curly, Dip Dye, Fashion, Hair Colour, Hair Dye, Hair Extensions, Hair History, Hair Styles, Jessie J

article-2536664-1A87298900000578-483_634x932Jessie J is well known for her wide variety of hair styles, and this week has been no exception.  The price tag singer sported a raven wig for the BRIT Awards Nominations Launch, in a flash back to some of her previous styles.  The question we ask however is which of her many many hair styles have you loved the most?  Which style suits the star and what would you like to see on her again?  Personally, we absolutely love her hair when it is a natural brown, with long flowing hair extensions…but that’s just our opinion.


Best & Worst of 2013

02 Jan 2014 Posted by heknew in Advice, Celebrity, Damaged Hair, Hair Care, Hair Colour, Hair Dye, Hair Extensions, Hair Styles

Now we are well and truly into 2014, with new years resolution ambitions still burning strong, lets take a look back over this year’s best and worst hair styles of 2013.

2013 was a colourful year for our favourite stars, with many opting for new and exciting colours as a way of vamping up their image.  One of our favourites was Demi Lovato who late in 2013 decided to dye her hair blue.  It was an unusual choice, however she pulled it off so very well.  We are huge fans of Demi Lovato and think she looked absolutely stunning.   The same however cannot be said for Ke$ha, who opting for a similar colour, mixed with pink which looked incredibly washed out and on the wrong side of healthy.

Miley Cyrus has caused quite a stir this year, with her racy music videos and explicit TV appearances, however it was her somewhat strange choice of hair styles that caught our attention.  Whilst seemingly attempting to grow out her blonde crop she has more often than not opted for 2 buns placed on the top of her head like animal ears…not a look we are considering any time soon.

Amongst these hair style flops there have been some equally as transformational hairstyles for the right reasons, with Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence opting for crops with style.  Both incredibly beautiful women pull of this challenging look wonderfully.

Our favourite head of hair for the year without a doubt must go to Amanda Seyfreid.  Rarely making an appearance with a hair out of place this natural beauty has not failed on the hair front this year, opting for her classic long bouncy blonde tresses which look the picture of health and shine.


Messy crop for Vanessa

26 Nov 2013 Posted by heknew in Brunette, Celebrity, Hair Care, Hair Colour, Hair Dye, Hair Extensions, Hair Styles, Long Hair, Short Hair

article-2513582-19A5473F00000578-944_640x471 (1)In the papers this week you may have noticed a certain high school musical star sporting a more dishevelled look than usual, with a messy cropped do.  We are of course talking about the stunning Vanessa Hudgens.  But fear not Vanessa fans, this is only a wig in aid of her new role in the upcoming film Gimme Shelter, where the former Disney starlet transformed into a troubled pregnant teen.vanessahudgens_1365026013_600

Depicting the true life story of a troubled girl “Apple”, Vanessa loos incredible in terms of her transition from her usual polished look.

During a scene in the new film, Vanessa’s character is seen chopping off her hair in a bathroom mirror, leaving herself with a untamed, un-styled crop.

It is incredible how a haircut and makeup can alter a person’s look so dramatically, however we are pleased that Vanessa hasn’t opted for this style permanently, as we love her beautiful long locks and bohemian style which she wears so well.

Ke$ha shows off new multi-coloured hair in Japan

11 Nov 2013 Posted by heknew in Blue, Brunette, Celebrity, Charity, Hair Care, Hair Colour, Hair Dye, Hair History, Hair Styles, Jessie J, Long Hair

article-0-1958005A00000578-582_638x898Not shy of making a statement, singer Ke$ha has ramped up her look yet again, this time with a vibrant mix of colours in her long blonde hair.

The American singer gave her long blonde locks a Crayola makeover with a mix of pinks, purples, greens, yellows and blues.

2013 has seen a number of celebrities opting for more out there hair colours than the usual blonde or brunette.  We have seen full heads of blue from Jade from Little Mix, Pinks from Katy Perry, and a whole array of colours from Jessie J before she courageously cut the lot off in aid of comic relief.

We love this new trend of creative colours, and hope to see more of it leading into 2014.