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Get the look: Khloe Kardashian

khloeThe Kardashian clan are known for their many business ventures, and with the launch of their new sunglasses range and a children’s range in the pipe line it doesn’t look like they are set to stop any time soon.

All 3 sisters will be endorsing the range which starts from around £150 a pair, however it wasn’t the sunglasses that caught our eye in newly released images of the collection, but instead it was Khloe’s gorgeous hair.

Wearing a pair of their own blue lenses, Khloe wore her long hair down in loose curls, around 18-20” in length.

Khloe currently has her hair coloured using the ombre technique, the method of a gradual transition in colour, usually from dark roots to light ends.

Ombre has been a very popular look over the last 12 months, which is set to continue into 2014, and it is a surprisingly harmless way of colouring your hair…when done right.

The great thing about ombre, is you can actually achieve this look without having to colour your own hair, and instead apply ombre hair extensions to achieve the look.  This means those of us with dark hair can now easily lighten and soften our look, without the dreaded fear of ruining our hair.

What do you think of Khloes ombre hair? Is this a look you would consider trying?

Get the look: Michelle Keegan

article-2544281-1AE2801800000578-366_306x874For all soap fans out there, last night was a big night on the TV calender, as it was of course the National Television Awards.  One of the highlights of the evening is that all of our favourite stars put on their best gowns, contact their favourite hair and make-up artist to wow and compete with the other stars.

Last nights event was no exception, with stars descending on the O2 in their most glamorous attire, and the one that stood out amongst the rest was of course the gorgeous Michelle Keegan.  Wearing a floor length mint green gown with her trademark locks in loose curls, Michelle looked stunning.

You too can achieve this hair through the use of 100% human hair extensions.  Michelle’s hair is around 18″-20″ in length, with a mix of dark and natural brown shades.

Jessie J Hair History

article-2536664-1A87298900000578-483_634x932Jessie J is well known for her wide variety of hair styles, and this week has been no exception.  The price tag singer sported a raven wig for the BRIT Awards Nominations Launch, in a flash back to some of her previous styles.  The question we ask however is which of her many many hair styles have you loved the most?  Which style suits the star and what would you like to see on her again?  Personally, we absolutely love her hair when it is a natural brown, with long flowing hair extensions…but that’s just our opinion.


Extensions for Roxanne Pallet

article-2487158-192EC1EC00000578-452_310x595article-2487158-192EC33E00000578-924_638x947The beautiful Roxanne Pallet is the latest celebrity to ditch her shoulder length hair in exchange for longer locks courtesy of the micro ring hair extension technique.

Extending her chocolate brown hair by 16 inches, the young starlet looked effortlessly glamorous when leaving the salon, with her new hair styled into loose curls.

By opting for this shorter length, Roxanne has been able to achieve a very natural looking finish to her hair.

Transforming hair from day to night

IMG_8946We are all guilty of it, grabbing those extra 20 minutes in bed by deciding to opt for a ponytail for the day instead of a blow-out.  For an everyday working woman a bun or top knot can sometimes become a lifesaver on those days when you simply don’t have time, however what do you do when unexpectedly you are off on a night out after work, and don’t have time for a full shampoo and blow-dry before you are due to leave?  Luckily there are options available, and some clever ways to change your hair from day to night without your friends/colleagues being any the wiser.

Here are 5 quick tips to transform day hair, to night.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can be a life saver if you have second day hair that needs a bit of a lift.  Spray the dry shampoo onto the roots, and rub in to give the hair a good tease and to remove any sign of residue.  This will add volume to your hair creating a glamorous bed head look.


If you have had your hair tied back all day, sometimes a down doo just isn’t an option, therefore a low side or high chignon is a quick and easy style perfect for any evening event.  All you will need is a few bobby pins, and a hair donut (if your hair is short or thin).  This hair style will take no more than 5 to 10 minutes to create and suits most face shapes.


If your hair is usually worn straight during the day, adding some waves or curls is an easy way to transform your look.  You don’t need hot rollers or a curling iron, simply twist your hair within your hair straightener for beautiful natural waves.  If curls are not for you, simply try flicking your hair out around the front of the face to give it some dimension and movement if it is feeling a little limp.


Headbands and clips are a great way to move your day look into the evening.  You can add a little sparkle and glamour without having to play with your hair too much, and your look can be transformed within seconds.  Try not to overdo it on the accessories however, sometime the smallest of clips can create a great effect.


A braid can be worn in so many ways, however loose and to the side is one of the easiest styles to pull off for effortless glamour.  Try pulling your hair to the side and securing the braid at the end with a hair tie.  Then gently pull at the pieces of the braid to loosen them for a messy, bed head look.

Now that you have a few ideas on how to work your second day hair, why not give them a go on your next night out.

Rita Ora – This week’s hair envy

article-2363133-1ACFBDF1000005DC-843_634x827We were absolutely loving Rita Ora at this years T in the Park, and especially her new blue dip dyed hair.

Wearing her now trademark blonde locks in tight spiral curls, Rita had dip dyed the ends an electric blue, looking ever so chic and on trend.

She managed to also pull off the double denim look effortlessly and gave an outstanding performance.  10 out of 10 in all areas for Rita Ora, well done!

It happens to the best of us Sarah

article-2273248-1756ED67000005DC-730_634x904We are very much used to seeing our lovely celebrities looking as though they have just stepped out of a music article-2273248-1757989F000005DC-999_634x542video, with their hair perfect and make-up immaculate, and some of us would even be forgiven for believing they just wakeup that beautiful.  However as Sarah Harding demonstrated at the beginning of this week, celebrities are human too, by experiencing that dreaded moment when a beautiful hair extension comes loose in public.

As extension wearers know this can happen from time to time, however we can just slip the hair into our handbag and it goes unnoticed, however for poor Sarah this wasn’t the case, and the mishap landed on twitter for all to see.

Looking at the images it would appear that these are a glue based extension method, where shedding is quite common.  More secure methods such as micro ring will reduce the risk of this happening, and as an added bonus are far better for your hair as they involve no heat or glue.

Has this ever happened to you?

Another hair style change for Jessie J

Ever since bursting onto the music scene in early 2011 we have seen Jessie J sport some pretty interesting fashion and hair choices.  From body suits to dip dyed purple hair, its fair to say that Jessie J isn’t afraid to experiment with her look.

Then in a shock move a few months back, the Voice judge decided it was time to tone down her look, changing her trademark harsh black bob to long soft brunette curls.  The Essex born singer looked lovely with this more demure style, however it hasn’t lasted long.

Earlier this week Jessie J has tweeted pictures of her hair re-style, dying it back to black and cutting her locks into a short bob.

Although we absolutely loved her natural brunette look, we have to admit, it wasnt quite her, and her new style is much more like the Jessie J we have grown to love.

We will be seeing a lot more of Jessie in the New Year as she has recently confirmed she will be returning to the Voice for the second season.  We cant wait to see what new fashion styles and statements she will be bringing to the show next year.

Heidi Klum turns her beautiful blonde lock grey

She is known for her trademark poker straight blonde locks, but Heidi Klum has opted for a more unusual grey tone with some crazy extensions for Italian magazine Amica.

The 39 year old is featured on the front cover with long hair extensions in a shade of silver, a far cry from her usual style.

It would appear that this look is a one off for the super model, but grey tone aside, with the right colour matching and a little hair brushing we think Heidi would look stunning with gorgeous long thick hair extensions.  What do you think?

Katie Pipers new look

We absolutely love Katie Piper, she is one of the most inspiring women of the decade in our opinion, and never ceases to amaze us with her courage and strength. Despite the horrific attack Katie endured, she has turned her life around and is just as beautiful now as she ever was.

Sporting her new gorgeous brunette curls Katie attended a fake tan party and wow’d with her stunning new look. She has undergone such a transformation over the last few years, and we must say that her current look is one of our favourites, understated and stunning.

What do you think of her new brunette look?