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Get the look: Khloe Kardashian

khloeThe Kardashian clan are known for their many business ventures, and with the launch of their new sunglasses range and a children’s range in the pipe line it doesn’t look like they are set to stop any time soon.

All 3 sisters will be endorsing the range which starts from around £150 a pair, however it wasn’t the sunglasses that caught our eye in newly released images of the collection, but instead it was Khloe’s gorgeous hair.

Wearing a pair of their own blue lenses, Khloe wore her long hair down in loose curls, around 18-20” in length.

Khloe currently has her hair coloured using the ombre technique, the method of a gradual transition in colour, usually from dark roots to light ends.

Ombre has been a very popular look over the last 12 months, which is set to continue into 2014, and it is a surprisingly harmless way of colouring your hair…when done right.

The great thing about ombre, is you can actually achieve this look without having to colour your own hair, and instead apply ombre hair extensions to achieve the look.  This means those of us with dark hair can now easily lighten and soften our look, without the dreaded fear of ruining our hair.

What do you think of Khloes ombre hair? Is this a look you would consider trying?

Messy crop for Vanessa

article-2513582-19A5473F00000578-944_640x471 (1)In the papers this week you may have noticed a certain high school musical star sporting a more dishevelled look than usual, with a messy cropped do.  We are of course talking about the stunning Vanessa Hudgens.  But fear not Vanessa fans, this is only a wig in aid of her new role in the upcoming film Gimme Shelter, where the former Disney starlet transformed into a troubled pregnant teen.vanessahudgens_1365026013_600

Depicting the true life story of a troubled girl “Apple”, Vanessa loos incredible in terms of her transition from her usual polished look.

During a scene in the new film, Vanessa’s character is seen chopping off her hair in a bathroom mirror, leaving herself with a untamed, un-styled crop.

It is incredible how a haircut and makeup can alter a person’s look so dramatically, however we are pleased that Vanessa hasn’t opted for this style permanently, as we love her beautiful long locks and bohemian style which she wears so well.

Ke$ha shows off new multi-coloured hair in Japan

article-0-1958005A00000578-582_638x898Not shy of making a statement, singer Ke$ha has ramped up her look yet again, this time with a vibrant mix of colours in her long blonde hair.

The American singer gave her long blonde locks a Crayola makeover with a mix of pinks, purples, greens, yellows and blues.

2013 has seen a number of celebrities opting for more out there hair colours than the usual blonde or brunette.  We have seen full heads of blue from Jade from Little Mix, Pinks from Katy Perry, and a whole array of colours from Jessie J before she courageously cut the lot off in aid of comic relief.

We love this new trend of creative colours, and hope to see more of it leading into 2014.

Extensions for Roxanne Pallet

article-2487158-192EC1EC00000578-452_310x595article-2487158-192EC33E00000578-924_638x947The beautiful Roxanne Pallet is the latest celebrity to ditch her shoulder length hair in exchange for longer locks courtesy of the micro ring hair extension technique.

Extending her chocolate brown hair by 16 inches, the young starlet looked effortlessly glamorous when leaving the salon, with her new hair styled into loose curls.

By opting for this shorter length, Roxanne has been able to achieve a very natural looking finish to her hair.

We miss the old Miley

article-2479594-1911D59800000578-881_634x839Mike-WiLL-Made-It-Miley-Cyrus-Juicy-J-and-Wiz-Khalifa-for-23-2304954On Tuesday night Miley Cyrus appeared to do the one thing many of us have been hoping she would do for the last year, get rid of that awful crop and go back to her lovely long golden hair.

On Tuesday the 20 year old singer updated her twitter account with what appeared to be a fresh new look, however many were left disappointed upon the realisation that it was only temporary, as it was in fact a Halloween wig.  She quickly updated her account again with another wig, this time a quirky purple number.MileyCyrus_071025

It has been nearly a year since she shocked us all with her short blonde crop, and whilst it has been reported that she is beginning to grow it back out, it would appear that it will be a long time before we will get a glimpse of the Miley we first knew.

We think Miley looked so beautiful with her clean cut look, long brown looks and immaculate makeup, and will remain ever in hope of her returning one day!

Pink to make the boys wink

article-2365506-1AD61A75000005DC-21_634x630Radio 1 presenter Fearne Cotton has unveiled a new look this week, opting to dye her naturally blonde hair a rosy pink.article-2365506-1AD61870000005DC-212_634x780

Although a daring move, this is not the first time Fearne has dyed her hair this shade, as to mark the last day of her twenties before her 30th birthday she also dyed her hair this fun and flirty shade of candy floss pink.

Pink hair was a huge hit last summer, with the likes of Katy Perry, Perrie Edwards, Amelia Lily and even Dame Helen Mirren opting for the unusual shade.

We love Fearne Cotton, and adore her new fun style.

Rita Ora – This week’s hair envy

article-2363133-1ACFBDF1000005DC-843_634x827We were absolutely loving Rita Ora at this years T in the Park, and especially her new blue dip dyed hair.

Wearing her now trademark blonde locks in tight spiral curls, Rita had dip dyed the ends an electric blue, looking ever so chic and on trend.

She managed to also pull off the double denim look effortlessly and gave an outstanding performance.  10 out of 10 in all areas for Rita Ora, well done!

New look for Tulisa

article-0-1A9C79A8000005DC-184_634x720She has seen her far share of controversy over the last year, with her video tape scandal and recent arrest still fresh in most of our memories, however it would seem that Tulisa is trying to put all of the drama behind her, and with this she has decided its time to update her look.

Stepping out yesterday, Tulisa displayed a slim figure with new hair extensions in a lighter shade, to lift her skin tone, perfect for the summer.  With around 20″ of human hair extensions, Tulisa looked incredibly glamorous and confident as she showed off her new look.

Celebrity Extensions

June has been a busy month in the celebrity hair world, with many opting to dramatically change their style and/or reveal that they like the rest of us need a little help from hair extensions to achieve their glamorous looks.

Our top 5 celebrities over the past few weeks have been Kourtney Kardashian, Rita Ora, Frankie Sandford, Sarah Harding and Helen Flanagan.

Starting with the most recent, Kourtney Kardshain has added some length as well as auburn highlights to mix her look up for the summer.  Just in time for the birth of her new niece we think Kourtney looks better than ever with this lighter look.


Rita Ora is second on our list after ditching her slicked back bob for longer locks.  Wearing them at between 18-20 inches this is quite a big change for the younger singer, but a welcome one, as we think she looks stunning.


Next we have Sarah Harding who too added some length to her hair with the use of extensions.  She added around 16 inches to her natural bob for a more glamorous look.


Probably one of the biggest changes has been Frankie Sandford, who changed her signature crop for glamorous curls.  Although we absolutely loved the ‘Frankie’, as did many of her hair followers, she equally suits this new style, and her caramel highlights are a welcome addition in time for the summer and the arrival of her first child.


Finally, we have Helen Flanagan, who although famously cut her hair into a crop only to replace it with extensions showed the world exactly what extensions she had with a bad ponytail style which revealed her micro rings.  Not a style recommended for extensions wearer, Helen tightly pulled her hair back into a high ponytail which revealed her bonds.  A lower down style would have been much more suitable for her hair, although it is good to see she has opted for micro rings, one of the safest forms of hair extension son the market.


Why hair extensions matt and how to avoid it

matted-hairIt’s a topic that many of us don’t like to talk about, however it is a common problem faced by hair extension wearers, and often occurs as a result of not being provided with the right information on how to look after your hair extensions and prevent this from happening.

So what is the problem? 

Matting is where a combination of hair extension hair, and our own hair has not been cared for correctly, and as a result has been allowed to cluster at the scalp.  Over time more and more hair will become untangled within the matted section, slowly growing larger and larger.  At the beginning of the matting processes the hair can very easily be untangled and corrected, however the longer the hair is left, the more matted the hair will become.

Why does this happen?

The most common cause of matting is sleeping with the hair extensions damp or wet.  It is absolutely vital that hair extensions are completely dry before sleeping, and secured in a plait so that the hair does not tangle when sleeping.  The second most common cause of matting is not separating your bonds.  Throughout the day, and during washing, naturally each of the extension will touch each other and nature fiction will occur.  This is perfectly normal, however if the bonds are not pulled apart by hand daily, to ensure they are separate, across a period of a few days the extensions will slowly intertwine with each other.  It is absolutely essential that the bonds are separated daily to prevent this from happening, and only takes a couple of minutes.

Prevention – Our top tips to stop matting are:

Never sleep with the extensions wet or damp

Do not massage the scalp during washing, slowly stroke the shampoo into the hair

Wear hair in a plait when sleeping

Separate the bonds daily – try to get it into your morning routine so that you do not forget

Use the correct hair brush and aftercare products

What do you do if you have matting in your extensions

If your extensions have matted we would firstly recommend that you call the person who has fitted them to discuss the problem.  They should then arrange a time, ideally as soon as possible, to remove and replace the matted hair extensions.  The most important thing to do is to act quickly, and not panic.  Matting can be corrected if dealt with early, do not leave the extensions hoping it will go away, as unfortunately it will not.

Taking the time to separate and care for your extensions will increase the duration of time you can wear the extension, but will also protect your own hair, therefore it is beneficial to follow the correct advice and care for your lovely long hair.