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Our Hair
Aside from customer service, the quality of our hair is the most important thing to us. Without good quality hair, the overall look will fail to impress if it looks drab and dry.

Our hair is 100% human remy hair. You can be sure that we will never compromise on the quality of the hair we use, and you will be blown away with how silky and soft the hair is.

Once fitted, you will be able to treat the hair as you would your own. It looks incredible straight, and also holds beautiful curls, making it very versatile and allowing you to style it in many different and exciting ways.

Hair Extensions Guide


Some of the most popular questions we get asked include, what extensions would best suit my needs? and how long will the hair extensions last?

Micro Rings

The Micro Ring technique is the perfect alternative to the traditional glue based extension methods. Micro rings are generally considered the most undetectable. As there is no glue, there is no damage to the hair. This method usually lasts 3-4 months with the correct care and personal daily maintenance from the client.

Tiny metal rings (covered in plastic) are used to clamp strands of hair, to the clients natural hair. The clamps will not slip and are comfortable to wear from day to day.

The hair can be washed, dried, straightened and curled just as you would your natural hair.
Application time: 2-4 hours depending on the thickness of the hair.

Although the extensions are not attached using a glue based substance you can rest assured that they are as secure, and will not slip or drop out. They are also light weight, and easy to manage on a day to day basis.

Pre-Bonded (Glue)

The pre-bonded technique is an advance on the traditional glue gun method as it is cleaner, safer, and has less shredding. Each strand of hair has approx. 180-200 individual hairs fused together at the end with keratin protein glue. This hair is fused to the client’s natural hair with a fusion iron. These will last approx 3-4 months before they need to be removed/replaced; however this is dependent on the clients care and personal daily maintenance.

Using this method your hair will fall naturally, and the bonds are cleverly disguised so that they are virtually undetectable. And, the best thing is that hair can be washed, dried, straightened, and curled as usual.
We choose not to use the old hot glue gun method as the pre-bonded hair has a far better result. With the hot glue gun method, when washing, water can easily enter the bonds if not sealed correctly, resulting in the glue weakening and the extension detaching. As the pre-bonded strands are sealed before application, this is virtually impossible. As the bonds are fully sealed this also prevents hair being missed by the glue and shredding whilst the hair is brushed or styled.
With the appropriate care, the pre-bonded method leaves next to no damage to the natural hair.
Application time: 3-5 hours depending on the thickness of the hair.

Full Head vs Half Head

A question we are often asked is whether or not a client will need a full head or half head, or a specific request for a number of strands.

It is a common misconception in extension application that a full head or half head is determined by the number of strands e.g. 200 full head 100 half head.

The way in which a full head or half head is determined is actually based on a number of different factors.

Firstly, the need for a full head or half head will primarily come down to the over look you wish to achieve.  A full head is used where a client wishes to add thickness and length to their hair, whereas a half head is used when a client wishes to only add volume to their existing length.

The placement of a full head of extensions involves continuous rows of bonds, each row directly on top of the next. The placement of a half head follows the same principles, however between each row there will be a space.

When applying extensions, the overall number of strands used per client will vary greatly, depending on the thickness of the natural hair, the size of the clients head, the weight per extension strand, and the overlook the client wishes to achieve.

Our extensionists are training to assess each client on an individual basis, to determine the number of strands which will be suitable for them, to achieve a natural look.

The majority of clients will be suitable for a full head of extensions, and the amount or strands used per client can vary greatly.  For example, 100 strands of 1g strands may be applied to one client for a full head, whereas another client may have hair more suitable to 200 strands of 0.5g.  In this example, the overall look and outcome is the same, with the over weight of hair used being 100g, however the number of strands is double in the second client.

All clients will be asked at the final stage of their fitting if they are happy with the outcome, and if more strands are required upon the customers request this will be discussed.