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Our Hair
Aside from customer service, the quality of our hair is the most important thing to us. Without good quality hair, the overall look will fail to impress if it looks drab and dry.

Our hair is 100% human remy hair. You can be sure that we will never compromise on the quality of the hair we use, and you will be blown away with how silky and soft the hair is.

Once fitted, you will be able to treat the hair as you would your own. It looks incredible straight, and also holds beautiful curls, making it very versatile and allowing you to style it in many different and exciting ways.

Remi Hair

Hair Extensions Kent is committed to only using high quality hair extensions, and for this reason we will only use Remi hair.

Also referred to as cuticle hair, virgin hair and raw hair, out of all of the types of hair available on the market, Remi hair is the most desirable, as it gives the most natural appearance.

Remi hair is collected from one single donor, and comes from a range of regions across the world. The most popular are European, East Asian and Indian hair. As the cuticles are not stripped, the hair lays in the same, natural direction. Hair which is not aligned like this can tangle and matt easily, a key reason why Remi hair is so desirable.

Most hair in the industry is purchased from a combination of heads, and then undergoes a cuticle stripping treatment called an acid bath. A silicone is then placed over the cuticles for an unnatural shine and finish. As the silicone wears through washing, the hair will begin to tangle and matt, making the hair appear tatty, messy and un-styled. As Remi hair is natural, and does not undergo this treatment, this problem is eliminated completely.

Hair Extensions Kent will only use Remi hair as it has a shiner, smoother, and healthier appearance than all other types of human hair extensions on the market. As a standard we use Grade A Remi hair, however for a little more expense there is the option to opt for Grade AA, AAA, or AD, the highest quality in Remi hair.